You're Vegan? What Is A Vegan?!

What is a vegan? 

Well, according to Merriam-Webster a vegan is:

: a strict vegetarian who consumes no animal food or dairyproducts; also 
: one who abstains from using animal products (as leather)

— vegan adjective
— veg•an•ism noun

Confining a lifestyle to such a limited explanation seems a bit inadequate to say the least. This definition also implies a life of restriction.

Consider the words strict and abstains, if you will. Both suggest veganism prohibits one from engaging in otherwise enjoyable activities, but that is far from true.

This life "choice" encourages people to reprioritize certain aspects of their existence, and most importantly place their health at the top of that list.

”All vegans are vegetarians, but not all vegetarians are vegan.”

A vegan is a type of vegetarian that chooses to exclude meat, dairy, eggs, and other animal-derived products from his/her diet and, often, life in general.

So not only do vegans opt to avoid consuming meat, but most steer clear of animal-derived non-food items and products tested on animals as well, such as leather or certain beauty products.

Life without meat seems unfathomable to some, so people often ask: What do vegans eat? Most assume there is a “typical vegan diet,” full of unappetizing and tasteless meals.

Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing typical about a vegan diet; it is full of variety and plentiful delicious (flavorful) recipes. You can even find vegan alternatives to some of your favorite dishes. The possibilities are endless

You can now confidently answer the question "what is a vegan?", so we're going to see why one would want to be a vegan? What's their motivation?

Why Vegan?

Becoming a vegan is a very personal decision. And it can be a lonely one in the beginning, too. Many vegans divert from the paths of their carnivorous friends & families, so until they can create a community that reflects their new lifestyle, they walk solo.

While some are attempting to correct/prevent health issues, like tennis star Venus Williams, others consider themselves as part of a global cause. According to scholar-activist, Angela Davis, being vegan is a major part of a true revolutionary perspective.

Many vegans are advocates against animal cruelty and promoters of environmentally friendly living.

There are so many positive reasons to make the switch, but the key to success is keeping your personal goals in the front of your mind. 

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