Vegan Foods Rock!

by Vanessa
(New Jersey)

I'm not a vegan, but I love vegan foods. I'm trying to get it together, but I have a few hang ups that I have to work out. I'll be on your side eventually.

I did a detox/cleanse that consisted of strictly vegan foods. Sidenote: I bet you guys' insides are squeaky clean. That's so awesome to me lol. We at mostly raw vegan foods, but towards the end I did steam my broccoli a bit. I couldn't handle the roughness. I'm new to this.

After the detox, my hubby and I decided to keep the vegan foods going, but his now came with a beer and butter too. I just felt lighter. I felt better. Perhaps if I can find a vegan recipe for nachos I can change for good. I love your site by the way!

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