Vegan Cooking is growing on me

by Stacey Womble
(Long Branch, NJ)

Well lets start off by saying that I have always been a meat eater. So the concept of vegan cooking was daunting to me at first. I never realized that I had such an emotional attachment to comfort food like cheese, bread, ice cream...oh goodness. However, my body kept telling me that I needed to explore possibilities, because I was sluggish, grumpy, and winded all the time and I am only 28 years young! Since me and my best friend were both in the same boat we decided to go on the this journey together.

I am not striving for perfection but for progress in the right direction. After watching the documentary "Food Matters" i began to incorporate vegan cooking and also raw food concepts into the mix as well. In fact my best friend whipped me up the best vegan-raw food kale salad ever along with organic bread and vegan butter (Earth Balance is the bomb diggity! it comes in soy and non-soy flavors).

Moving towards the vegan lifestyle has really opened my eyes to the beauty and healing power of food. And I have realized that everything my body needs comes straight from the earth. And another plus upside to vegan cooking is that its less time slaving over a HOT stove which is fine with me, because I am a busy mom of 5 year old twins lol.

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