My Vegan Story

by Jenna Miles
(Nova Scotia)

I have always loved animals, or thought I did, but for most of my life I continued to consume their dead bodies and their secretions and never thought twice. I believed in the myth of humane exploitation, and even after I first started seeing slaughterhouse videos, I thought there must be a 'humane' way. I now know that humane violence is a fairy tale. Humane meat, dairy and eggs do not exist, never have and never will.

I don't remember exactly what my tipping point was, but I think it was around the time I saw baby chicks being tossed into a grinder. At first I thought it was for chicken nuggets, now I know it was the egg industry doing it. I read some more about dairy, and I don't remember exactly what I read but it repulsed me enough to pour all the milk down the drain. I know this probably didn't help, but I was so horrified all I could think was 'get rid of the dairy'. So I began my vegan journey . First I was vegetarian, I thought that meat was crueler than dairy, something I now know is the other way around. I went vegetarian at 15, and was vegan a few months after that. I also became an activist, pretty much from the moment I became a vegetarian. I felt compelled to do something, anything. Not participating wasn't enough. treating it like a personal choice wasn't enough. I haven't looked back and I never will. And I usually say this to people: I am vegan and I hate vegetables. If I can do it, no excuses! Get to work! Help some animals!

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