My sister made me do it LOL

by Rita

....and I'm forever indebted to her for encouraging me to follow through.

I had moved in with my older sister so I could attend UCLA, and I had no idea I was getting a live-in nutritionist too. I was a struggling college student, so I couldn't really afford to go crazy on groceries. I had to eat what was available to me. What was available to me was only my sister's vegan dishes. I was vegan by default, I guess.

Her vegan dishes sparked a fire in me to research why people refused to eat meat. I understood the ethical reasons, and I completely agree. Although, for a long time I was convinced if I wasn't the one actually killing the animal, then I wasn't responsible. Smh, wrong on so many levels. I learned how much I, as a consumer, really have. Anyway, when I learned how meat travels through the body and wreaks havoc on our systems, I was DONE!

I started making my OWN vegan dishes, completely voluntarily. Upon graduation, and finding a place of my own, I still prepare vegan dishes...and now I prepare them for my husband. It's funny how he's journey is beginning just like mine lol.

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