My Nana's Vegan Cookbook Changed My Life

by Mildred

By no means was my Old World Italian grandmother a vegan, but somehow she ended up with a vegan cookbook. I like to tell myself it appeared in her kitchen just for me, perhaps placed there by my angels lol. Anyway, I was thumbing through it but started reading the "filler" information, you know, the stuff outside of the recipes.

I read that our bodies are not really designed to eat/digest meat, and how it basically rots in our systems. Yuck! Everything about that vegan cookbook made me want to run and get a colonic lol. I cleaned up my diet after that. The change didn't happen overnight, but after awhile I got all animal products out of my body and my kitchen.

The best thing I'd say that's happened since my transition has been my 85 pound weight loss. And I've kept it off for 23 years, ha! I like to think that one vegan cookbook saved my life. I'm healthier than I've ever been, and even though sometimes I get cravings, I wouldn't dare live any other way.

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