Michelle Pfeiffer Adopts Bill Clinton's Vegan Diet to Achieve Ageless Look

Stunning beauty, Michelle Pfeiffer credits former president Bill Clinton for her ageless appearance. 

According to Pfeiffer, it was Clinton's cameo in the CNN special The Last Heart Attack to heavily influenced her decision to make some critical nutritional lifestyle changes.

As an aficionado of Michelle Pfeiffer movies, I did always wonder just how she maintained her flawless skin and enviable physique. 

I'd expect her to work out 3 times a day, and live strictly on grass and berries. However, Michelle says that's quite far from the truth.

Pfeiffer admits to existing on Coca-Cola, cigarettes, and coffee once upon a time. Oh yea, and she almost never exercised. 

Don't you just hate girls like that? LOL

She knew she couldn't get away with that forever. And she was right!

As Michelle Pfeiffer aged, she realized people within her circle were "struggling with chronic disease, and dying from terminal illness." She did not want that to become her reality.

In an interview with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, on an episode of Piers Morgan Tonight, Pfeiffer recalls the sudden impact Bill Clinton's appearance had on her relationship with food.

She listened intently as Clinton raved about the dramatic health improvements he experienced as a result of adopting a plant-based lifestyle.

Naturally, Michelle was a bit concerned about the taste of these foods found in his new diet.

The self-proclaimed foodie, watching Clinton (a world renown foodie) thrive on a vegan diet, was inspired her to give it a try.

She thought, "Bill Clinton is a smart man and there's true science behind this theory." View Dr. Gupta's entire interview with Michelle Pfeiffer>>

Sounds logical enough.

Another contributing factor to Michelle Pfeiffer deciding to go (and stay) vegan was Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn's Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

Dr. Esselstyn is an internationally known surgeon, brilliant researcher, and former clinician at Cleveland Clinic. His expertise was commissioned for the critically acclaimed documentary Forks Over Knives

Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease is based on data collected during a twenty-year nutritional study led by Dr. Esselstyn. The book illuminates the powerful effect that a plant-based, oil-free diet has patients suffering from heart disease. 

The diet has not only shown to prevent the progression heart disease, but also has the ability to reverse it. 

This is the health-full life Michelle Pfeiffer was after, and the motivation she uses to keep her going. She saw a significant drop in cholesterol (83 points to be exact) after just two months of a dairy-free, meat-free eating.

She admits, though, the health benefits weren't all that got her attention.

"Vanity is right under there, but I have to say that it's a close second with wanting to live long."

I hear ya, Michelle. That vibrant glow that comes along with vegan living is pretty amazing.

She also notes that the harsh realities of Hollywood also help her watch what she eats.

"An actress' window of opportunity is smaller than an actor's. You can be the sexiest man alive at 60, but it's not like that if you're a woman. It's just one of those things. Deal with it."

And she's dealing with it alright. She looks fabulous!

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