Why Did You Go Vegan?

The vegan-curious always ask me why did I go vegan? Without hesitation, I share my story, triumphs & challenges. 

I thought creating a space for others to do the same would be beneficial for everyone.

When I decided to transition, I was completely lost. I didn't know where to turn for support in a family full of carnivores. I had no idea about the difficulties that were ahead.

That's neither here nor there; we're here to help others go vegan, stay vegan, come back to vegan, whatever they may need. 

Current Vegans

You may need to vent some of the frustrations you've experienced along your journey. All of our transitions were not smooth sailing, I'm sure. Warn others of the obstacles they may face, and let them know just how you made it through.

Also, remembering why you committed to this lifestyle can help you endure these struggles. You decided to go vegan for a reason, and sometimes you may lose sight of that. Refresh your memory. 


Tell us why you're thinking about making this commitment. What are those motivating factors pushing you toward veganism? What are some of your reservations? We're here to help.

Reminder: You do not have to share your real name or your e-mail, if you do not feel comfortable. We'll still answer your inquiry. And if you don't want to publicly share, you can always contact me personally.

My "Why Did I Go Vegan" Story

PETA's Meet Your Meat was very influential in my decision. After being made aware of the cruelty animals suffer, I could not in good conscience continue to be responsible for that, even if indirectly.

I tried to convince myself that there was no point in going vegan, because the meat industry would still thrive without me anyway. I came up with a host of ridiculous justifications to hang onto my old eating habits. Fortunately, I knew better than to fall for any of it.

As time went on, I discovered just how healthy a plant-based diet is for the body. I found ways to use food to heal all kinds of ailments from headaches to heartburn, depression to diarrhea (TMI? lol).

Well, the point is, I've never felt better in my life. I rarely get sick. I have so much energy. It's amazing. I started out trying to save innocent animals, and ended up learning how to save myself. It doesn't get any better than that.

Why Did You Go Vegan? Or Why Are You Thinking of Transitioning? What are the Hardest and Most Rewarding Parts of Your Journey?

Share Your Journey With Us

If you're just beginning, or even if you're a veteran, we want to hear from you. We all have a story. We can all potentially make this journey easier for someone else. We want to support everyone, no matter where they may be in their personal journey.

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