Chaka Khan Beats Type 2 Diabetes
& Hypertension with Plant-Based Lifestyle

Funk & Soul legend, Chaka Khan, was once afflicted with Type 2 diabetes and hypertension, but all of that is now behind her.

Similar to R&B diva, Beyonce, Khan also lost 60lbs by switching to a plant-based lifestyle.

Chaka began her weight loss journey in 2011 with a strict liquid diet.

"I was on liquids for a year, and that gave me a good jump-start. It sort of changed my whole way of thinking. You have to get in the mindset first," she told Detroit News.

The improvements in her health, as well as the rapid weight loss, provided even more motivation for Chaka to permanently remove animal products from her diet.

Chaka Khan also received inspiration from her 11 yr-old granddaughter, of whom she was awarded full custody due to the child's drug addicted parents' (including her son) inability to care for her.

She was determined to get in shape so she can be around to watch her granddaughter grow.

While the juice cleanse, plant-based diet, and regular exercise have given Chaka vibrant health, and an enviable figure, she insists her drastic weight loss had nothing to do with restoring confidence or sex appeal.

"I've always been a sex symbol. When I was fat, I was a sex symbol."
- Chaka Khan

Chaka reminds us that sexiness is not restricted to the body; and it's something that radiates from the inside out, regardless of size/shape.

However, she also serves as a reminder of the potential health issues that may arise as a result of excessive weight.

A Closer Look at Type 2 Diabetes

Chaka Khan may have successfully beaten Type 2 Diabetes, but what exactly is it?

Well, typically diabetes is classified as Type 1 or Type 2. 

Generally, Type 1 (aka juvenile diabetes) is detected in young people (adolescents) and refers to a complete stop in the production of insulin, due to the body attacking its own cells. This self-sabotaging component makes Type 1 fall under the Autoimmune Disease category.

Type 2 Diabetics are capable of producing insulin, but it doesn't effectively do its job.

Both are a result of a disruption in the metabolic process. Perhaps, we should take a look at how this process "normally" occurs, so we can better understand the problem.

Normal Metabolism:

  • We consume food.
  • That food is digested and carbs are broken down into simple sugars (mostly glucose).
  • Glucose enters the bloodstream; and insulin manages its transport and distribution. throughout the entire body.

Source: The China Study by T. Colin Campbell, PhD

In Type 1 the insulin is simply non-existent. In Type 2 Diabetes, however, insulin is present, but the body is not responding to its commands.

Diabetes is regularly diagnosed by the detection of elevated blood sugar levels in the blood or urine.

Complications Associated with Type 2 Diabetes Include:

-Kidney Disease

-High Blood Pressure

-Dental Disease

So how can a plant-based diet help resolve some of the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes?

Consumption of animal fats & proteins, as well as dietary cholesterol are all linked to the development of diabetes. Also, as in Chaka Khan's case, excessive weight gain is strongly associated with the illness.

Following a high-fiber, high-carb, low-fat, whole plant-based diet, coupled with regular exercise, can help diabetics ditch the meds, and possibly cure the disease.

Many people are hesitant to believe that a mere nutritional lifestyle change can have such miraculous effects on Type 2 Diabetes patients.

Watch this clip from the documentary Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes In 30 Days, where doctors and patients report the healing effects of plant-based foods.

Happy Healing!

Reverse Type 2 Diabetes with Whole Plant-Based Food

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