All I know is veganism

by Rocsi
(Los Angeles)

My parents are hippies. That sums up my life quite nicely. LOL I'm so grateful for their tree-hugging, animal-loving spirits. Veganism was all around me since birth; I knew nothing else. Well, there's always what I see on TV, but that was it. My mom had a garden; I tended to her fruits and vegetables. My dad runs a vegan restaurant here in California (no, I'm not going to shamelessly plug his business lol). Anyway, veganism is/was/always will be the only way I live. I can't imagine supporting murder of any kind. Meat eaters always say to "You don't mind killing plants to eat". The difference is those plants contain seeds that I can plant in the ground and grow many more plants, but once you kill an animal, there's no replacing/reversing/replenishing that can ever happen from that. I wear veganism as a badge of honor. I'm so glad my parents didn't let me experience anything else.

I did have a whopper when I was 13 once. Hey, nobody's perfect. Peer pressure is a bitch! lolol

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