After being a Vegetarian for 3 years I'm going Vegan!

by Crystal Hill
(Southern California)

I too saw Meet you Meat a few years ago and the next day I went vegetarian ( NO chicken, beef, pork,fish, eggs, or milk)! However I would like to say that I was always one of those people that requested that my meat be cooked well done, like super well done. I did not like to see blood on my meat at all so I guess I've always kind of been a little grossed out by meat. Oh and seeing the eyeballs on fish at the grocery store, yuck! Anyway I attempted to transition to a vegan diet a couple of times and I've let my excuse of "It's easier to be vegetarian because veggie items at restaurants and family gatherings always have cheese on them" stop me from sticking to it! The last two weeks I've eliminated cheese and I feel so much better! Thank you for allowing me to share my journey,

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